Boost Your Milwaukee Marketing With a New Marketing Scheme

The Port of Milwaukee recently launched a new marketing scheme that will boost total tonnage going in and out of the port by at least 10 percent. As the name implies, the plan is designed to increase the number of tenants leasing space in facilities, including the city’s most important port terminal. In addition, the program will include a new website and outreach to shippers in southeast Wisconsin. All in all, the effort has the potential to bolster the city’s tax base and help it become a more competitive destination for companies looking to relocate.

The Port of Milwaukee’s new marketing scheme is also getting a lot of media attention. One of the best ways to take advantage of the port’s growing infrastructure is to encourage more people to bring in goods from the great lakes. This¬†Boost Your Milwaukee Marketing¬† effort is being led by the port’s director of business development, Adam Schlicht, and includes a multi-faceted approach involving the establishment of more port terminals, more trucks and rail service, a more robust website and a revamped social media presence.

According to a recent survey, the Port of Milwaukee is the envy of its peers, with its facilities operating at 98 percent of capacity. With a population of more than a million, the city has a surprisingly large number of potential customers. To keep these businesses coming to town, the port plans to implement a marketing plan that is as much about reaching out to potential tenants as it is about boosting the total tonnage passing through its doors.

A few notable names include Quad/Graphics, a Wisconsin company with a history of success in the print media; MKE/LAX, a newer competitor in the telecommunications arena; and the city of Milwaukee itself. Among the latter, the city has been the recipient of a recent $1 million dollar investment by Quad/Graphics, which will allow the company to expand its digital marketing capabilities and promote more effective branding initiatives. For example, the company recently announced a partnership with the Zeidler Center for Public Discussion to host a series of educational programming and events in the coming year.