Post Construction Cleanup

Post construction cleaning

After construction is complete, a post construction clean up crew must complete a number of tasks. Using quality tools, supplies, and equipment will make the job easier and the cleaning crew more productive. Ultrasonic cleaners, for example, can remove dirt and grime from blinds, chandeliers, artificial plants, and much more. These machines can clean anything you can fit into their tanks. The list of post construction clean up tasks is practically endless.

Three stages of post-construction cleaning

The first stage of post-construction cleaning is the rough clean, which is crucial to maintaining a clutter-free construction site. Once this is completed, the workers will move on to install paint, cabinetry, and flooring. In the following stages, they will finish the project. The three stages of post-construction cleaning include:

The second phase of post-construction cleaning involves wiping down floors and surfaces to remove dust, debris, and other waste materials. This step should be completed by professionals with the training and equipment necessary to perform the job effectively. Finally, a professional cleaner will clean the ductwork and registers to remove construction scum. Three stages of post-construction cleaning


Before hiring a contractor, be sure to ask about Post construction cleaning near Pittsburgh PA their post construction cleaning estimates. There are many moving parts in a construction job, and it can be difficult to plan a timeline ahead of time. Make sure to discuss your deadline with your contractor before they bid your job. The last thing you want is for them to rush the project. Having an accurate estimate will help you to stay within your budget. After all, you want your new house to look as good as possible, right?

A post construction clean-up is a one-time expense, but it is necessary to take into account every possible cost and phase. For example, you may pay between $0.10 and $0.25 per square foot for exterior cleaning, and around $2 for every hour spent cleaning the inside of the house. The price may also depend on the type of cleaning you request, including interior or exterior window washing. In most cases, however, the cost of post construction cleaning is significantly lower than the cost of construction itself.


Using quality tools for post-construction clean-up is essential to a successful construction cleanup project. Quality equipment will make cleaning technicians’ jobs easier and make them more efficient. Tools such as ultrasonic cleaners are perfect for cleaning chandeliers, blinds, artificial plants, and anything else that can fit into the tank. The possibilities for post-construction clean-up are endless. Use these tools to make your job easier and save money.

If possible, wear masks to protect your eyes from dust. If you’re not wearing protective gear, you might be walking into sharp objects left by contractors. Also, use closed-toe rubber-soled shoes. Microfiber dusting cloths are an essential tool for minimizing the amount of dust that falls to the floor. Invest in a microfiber dusting cloth if you don’t want to worry about smearing construction dust all over the floor.

Time frame

If you are looking to hire a post construction cleaning service, there are several things to consider before hiring someone. One of the most important things to remember is the time frame. It can be difficult to schedule a construction job because there are so many moving parts. When bidding for the job, make sure to ask for a time frame before hiring anyone. After all, you don’t want to have to rush through a post construction cleaning job!

There are different phases of post construction cleanup. A contractor may want to charge for all three phases of the cleaning process. A contractor may bid for all three phases, or he or she may bid for a single phase. When writing a post construction cleaning estimate, you’ll need to account for all the costs involved. The walkthrough process will help you determine what each phase will cost. After the walkthrough, you can give a rough estimate for post construction cleaning.