Studying an English Degree Online in Canada

Studying an english degree online in Canada gives you the opportunity to study a variety of different subjects. You can earn an associate, bachelor’s or master’s degree from hundreds of postsecondary institutions in this country.

Many of the top universities in the country offer accredited online programs. These are a great option for students who want to earn an online degree but do not have the time or money to attend on-campus classes.

An English degree can open up a variety of job opportunities, whether you’re looking to become a journalist, grant writer, secondary English teacher, or technical writer. BLS data projects an 8% increase in job openings for these professions from 2018-2028.

Several of the best universities in Canada offer a bachelor’s degree in English. These programs help you develop strong communication and critical thinking skills that are valued by employers across multiple industries.

A Bachelor of Arts in English combines rigorous coursework in literature, composition, language and linguistics with studies of writing, rhetoric and cultural studies. You’ll study topics like British literature, American and world literature, literary theory, and research in the humanities.

You’ll also explore a wide range of literature, from the classics to modern works. During your time at the university, you’ll learn to read perceptively and analyze texts clearly, as well as to write effectively.

The University of Toronto’s English program is a solid choice for those who are interested in exploring the written word. Throughout your studies, you’ll be immersed in an intellectual environment that features renowned scholars from around the globe.

National University’s Bachelor of Arts in English emphasizes literary analysis, diversity and critical thinking. Designed for students who want a flexible way to earn their degree, the program is offered in a four-week class format and offers courses in linguistics, composition, literature and writing.

Universite TELUQ, the only French-language university in North America that offers all its courses via distance learning, teaches 18,000 remote students every year. This Quebec-based institution primarily operates as a campus-based university, but also provides an assortment of online degrees and certificates in fields like business, health care, and technology.

Athabasca University, a top-ranked Alberta college, has three physical campuses and an extensive online program. The school has a long history of delivering high-quality higher education, and offers online degrees in a wide variety of subjects.

Laurentian University, an Ontario-based university, primarily operates as a campus-based institution but offers an online degree in business and an MBA. The university also offers professional development courses in areas such as agile project management, cybersecurity and graduate ESL.

In addition to offering a broad range of courses and degrees, many of the schools below have top-rated English departments. These programs can help you develop a foundation of critical reading and writing skills that can be applied to virtually any field in which communication is essential.

Queen’s University, one of Canada’s most established institutions, offers a general English degree. The curriculum covers a wide array of literature, including the works of Shakespeare, Austen and Bronte, as well as contemporary forms such as graphic novels.